Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nancy Grace vs. the church of Christ

An Update...

Apparently, Nancy Grace invited CofC minister Rubel Shelley to speak on her program last night. You can read the transcript
here. I didn't see the show, but I've heard we didn't really get much of a chance to "redeem" ourselves. However, I applaud the producers of the show for considering our feedback. You can read more about it on the following blogs: Preacher Mike and Mark Elrod.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Defending Our Faith

On CNN last night, Nancy Grace talked about the Winkler crime in Tennessee. She invited a Baptist Pastor (Tom Rukala) to discuss the couple's religion. The discussion ended up being a complete misrepresentation of the church of Christ. Here is a comment my boyfriend submitted online after the show (I'm so proud of him):

As a secular print journalist, I take issue with the depiction of the Church of Christ on Monday's show. Ms. Grace admitted knowing little about the protestant religion, so she and the show's producers invited a Baptist clergyman to ignorantly defame it on national television. For the sake of fairness, a Church of Christ minister or member should have been interviewed for the piece. Who better to discuss the intricacies of his faith's doctrine and practices than a devotee? This is sloppy journalism at best. The show would be wise to balance the pastor's comments with a Church of Christ minister's.

The pastor's implication that the Church of Christ is a cult should set off a warning of bias. To vaguely define "cult" would be to implicate any religious system from Catholicism to ancestor worship to atheism. The term cult is traditionally applied to hermitical sectarian groups that live in close-knit colonies. Often violence or coercion is associated. To use this term loosely is in remarkable bad taste. It would be interesting if the pastor would define his own religion as such.

The Church of Christ is a protestant religion that has established as its mission a return to the tenents of the First-Century church (i.e. the church as it's represented in the New Testament). The church does not alienate itself from society or shun anyone. Each individual congregation is wholly autonomous and is guided by elders elected from and by its own membership. The church does not make claims on the spiritual destination of non-members or members. The church is active in the community and in worldwide missionary work. Recently, adherents have raised money to support the building of wells in West African nations such as Togo and Benin. Top educational institutions such as Pepperdine University, Abilene Christian University, Harding University and Oklahoma Christian University are sponsored and were founded by the Church of Christ.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, please invite a non-fringe member of the Church of Christ to rebut the pastor's remarks and speak to the church's response to the Winkler shooting. At the least, please run a correction or the voiced opinions of non-fringe members.

Thank you

Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Nephew

My nephew is one week old today. Take a look at Silas Wayne:

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome Friends

I'm setting up this blog in order to keep people up-to-date on my fascinating (?) life.